The space is divided into three areas: production , retail and offices. We decided to have theproduction exposed to the visitors to gain a better understanding of the detailed work that goes into producing each garment...


Aesthetically the space reflects the street culture that the company is rooted.

The walls are cast grey plaster to match the bare concrete beams. The wiring is externally routed with over 70m of copper tubing that was polished and sealed by hand.


Metal work is used extensively through out the space.

Surfaces are painted matte black with some elaborate metal detailing evident on the coat hangers , the meeting table and the floor to ceiling screens.  The storage boxes’ metal doors resemble heavy machinery and enhance the overall concept.

Short concrete volumes , indoor plants and the Merano armchairs by TON add playful dimension to the otherwise stark interior.

The sofa and large armchair are custom made for the interior retaining the colour palette of copper and green.



The last item to conclude the project is the Owl sculpture in the entrance hall providing a photo opportunity and consolidating
the brand identity.


3D drawings & Construction 

The designing and construction phase lasted around 45 days due to the mutlible custom work items that went into the space. Each piece of furniture, storage , display and partition was made specially for the interior.