Save a life - Charity event for Harise Zoi

The non profit organisation “Harise Zoi” organised , in collaboration with our studio , on the 3rd of July a large charity event at the magnificent
Stavros Niarhos foundation cultural center.

“Harise Zoi” is the official Greek organisation for the collection of bone marrow and the education of the general public on the importance of being a donor. As a member of the international database of bone marrow donors its responsible for the helping people with cancer and autoimmune diseases to get a matching treatment.  

Together we designed an event open to all ages with cultural activities including live string quartet , ballet & open aerobic training to the public.


Art direction / set design / video production
 / social media campaign / photography  : Design Suite



The booth of Harize Zoi 

achieved to inform a large number of people
and made over 150 new donors something extraordinary for the
ill-informed public in Greece.